Demonstration HUGO site
Sunday, Mar 7, 2021
Tags: HUGO markdown

Tutorial o how to create a Blog website using the HUGO staic website generator

More Markdown
Saturday, Feb 13, 2021
Tags: markdown

With this post I will be continuing my Markdown journey. Contents Images Anchor Links Check Lists Horizontal rules Block quotes Code Blocks Syntax highlighting Nested Lists Escaping characters More on HTML Images To display an image on a page a similar format to a link is used. ![alt text](url) For example ![King small](/img/king-small.jpg) produces Anchor links To provide an anchor link on a page 2 parts are required, the anchor and the link to the anchor.

Monday, Feb 8, 2021
Tags: markdown

As part of the migration from Wordpress to a static generatered site it was necessary to understand what markdown scripting is. Then recently I have attended a GitHub workshop for Aministrators ad Developers where markdown was used. So it appears that markdown will be part of my future. This post is a cheatsheet and will demonstrate some of the basic components of Markdown that I expect to use as I write posts for this site.

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