Getting Back to It

Sunday, Sep 24, 2017
Tags: blogging

When I purchased the domain it was my intention to post on a regular basis about all things IT than interested me. As anyone can see from the dates of the posts there hasn’t been much activity. Life happens. My job has changed. I have gone from a development manager to a lead developer to a service delivery manager. I have also gone back to school and I’m over half way through an MBA program.

I have been active on twitter with @codingwith. My posts there have changed. Today I am tweeting about leadership, inspirational quotes and agile.

I am also reading more articles about the benefits blogging. For me, I believe it will help with creating clarity with my thoughts and help me to learn more about technology. I hope that I will see a reward in creating content, hopefully in my professional life where I have a mentor and coach role. I hope that this journey will allow me to experiment and discover new things. I hope that I will grow.

So it is today. I still have an interest in coding. I have an interest in building things that provide value. In my head are thousands of ideas swirling around. I want to get them out. So here goes, IT is time to get back. What can be expected? Well, I don’t like to set hard expectations. That is a recipe for failure. Things change. So, for now, my preferred outcome will be to post regularly, well, at least once a month while I am completing my MBA. I have a month to research and write about a topic I am interested in. If I post more than that then that is a bonus.

Let’s see where this goes. It’s time to get back to IT.

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