Demonstration HUGO site
Sunday, Mar 7, 2021
Tags: HUGO markdown

Tutorial o how to create a Blog website using the HUGO staic website generator

More Markdown
Saturday, Feb 13, 2021
Tags: markdown

With this post I will be continuing my Markdown journey. Contents Images Anchor Links Check Lists Horizontal rules Block quotes Code Blocks Syntax highlighting Nested Lists Escaping characters More on HTML Images To display an image on a page a similar format to a link is used. ![alt text](url) For example ![King small](/img/king-small.jpg) produces Anchor links To provide an anchor link on a page 2 parts are required, the anchor and the link to the anchor.

Monday, Feb 8, 2021
Tags: markdown

As part of the migration from Wordpress to a static generatered site it was necessary to understand what markdown scripting is. Then recently I have attended a GitHub workshop for Aministrators ad Developers where markdown was used. So it appears that markdown will be part of my future. This post is a cheatsheet and will demonstrate some of the basic components of Markdown that I expect to use as I write posts for this site.

Thoughts on Code Reviews
Sunday, Oct 15, 2017
Tags: code review

Developing software can get expensive when bugs are found. The cost of fixing a bug will vary depending on when the bug is found in the SDLC. Early on in the development of code, it is a minimal cost. Should the bug be found after the code has been deployed into production after a couple of months the cost is now high. So if code reviews are part of the SDLC we can have due diligence that will minimize the risk of rogue code getting into the production environment.

Getting Back to It
Sunday, Sep 24, 2017
Tags: blogging

When I purchased the domain it was my intention to post on a regular basis about all things IT than interested me. As anyone can see from the dates of the posts there hasn’t been much activity. Life happens. My job has changed. I have gone from a development manager to a lead developer to a service delivery manager. I have also gone back to school and I’m over half way through an MBA program.

Github Quick Start
Sunday, Aug 24, 2014
Tags: GitHub Git

When I first started to use git I was using Bitbucket as my remote repository. As a tool for committing code and keeping local and remote repositories in sync I used SourceTree. While there is nothing wrong with this set up I have noticed that Github appeared to be the remote repository of choice on web articles I was reading. So I decided to give it a try. Here is my quick start guide.

How to Use Moment.js
Saturday, Aug 16, 2014
Tags: JavaScript moment.js

With recent work formatting of dates has been an important feature. From my reading around the bloggersphere I came across a JavaScript library that I have found to be useful - moment.js. To start using moment.js download the library from Create a html page and add a reference to the library. In the body of the page add content to display a time. <div> <h2>Basic moment.js demonstration</h2> <input type="button" value="Get Date" onclick="getDate()" /><br /> <span id="demoSpan"></span> </div> Next in the header add a JavaScript function to get the date from the moment.

Thursday, May 8, 2014
Tags: Guidelines

One of my favorite lines from a movie is from The Pirates of the Caribbean the code is more what you’d call “guidelines” than actual rules As I progress in my career I find myself in positions where I am leading, coaching and mentoring colleagues. A direction needs to be set. Whatever coding language is being used has it own syntax, libraries and best practices. Underneath there is the logic of if then else, switch statements, exception handling etc.

Hello World
Monday, Apr 28, 2014
Tags: Hello World Python

So having create the website Coding with An Accent, my thoughts turned to what should the first post be about. Out of the box the first post is Hello World, so with my thought pattern why not say Hello to the World. This past weekend I was talking to a couple of Computer Science College students. It turns out that they are learning Python. Not a language I was expecting. When I asked why both responded with because it’s easy.

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